TESTIMONIALS  |  Featured Story:   Vanessa

Marketing & Communications Specialist

As soon as I saw Pascal in action I had to train with him; he is in a league of his own. Pascal has an incredible level of knowledge about all aspects of health, fitness and physiology. I can confidently take any idea or technique to him and know he will be able to work with me on it. Together we’ve done German Volume Training, speed and agility, Olympic weightlifting, martial arts, boxing, Indian Clubs, and so much more. 


He has helped me improve my fitness considerably – even though I am not as disciplined with my diet as he would like me to be (consider that an understatement!). My next goal is to compete in kettlebell competitions and I can guarantee I’ll get there with Pascal as my coach. 


On a personal level, Pascal is fun, genuine, caring, and good natured. He knows when to push people hard and when to offer the right amount of support and encouragement. All in all, Pascal is an awesome trainer and a great friend. You can’t go wrong with Pascal on your side!