TESTIMONIALS  |  Featured Story:   Ozel

Former Portfolio Manager

My right shoulder was awful, painful and disfunctioning. 


I was not able to move my right arm backwards and upwards properly.


I was told that my right shoulder's pain because of arthritis, a minor tear and joint damage. 


The pain was unbearable and my life quality dropped down. 


Within the last 3 years, I tried physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture and all sorts of massage (general, remedial, thai etc.) even cupping. 


None of them worked. Well, I felt a little better however for a while later pain came back again. I don't even talk about how much I spent for all those stuff. 

The last recommendation was surgery. 


And one day my daughter Bec mentioned me a personal trainer was healing such disorders saying that "probably Pascal can fix it", let's give it a go. 


Pascal is a miracle folks, believe me. I believe God sent him with this mission to the Earth. 


He had applied his special massage and muscle therapy and I was reborn. I am able to move my arm without pain for the 1st time in years.


I can't find the words to express my appreciation and gratitude. 


If you have a similar problem, don't even think and hesitate one minute. Pascal is there for you. Just go there and he will fix you up. 


God bless you man. Thank you so much indeed.