TESTIMONIALS  |  Featured Story:   Marilyn

My name is Marilyn. I was looking for a personal trainer with a difference. Without being a drama queen, it was desperate times requiring desperate measures.  I was coming out the back end of an emotionally and spiritually exhausting situation.  In dealing with the trauma I had put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own and it had taken its toll on all aspects of my health.  To cope I used pain killers and sleeping tablets to go to bed and pain killers and anti depressants or similar to get through the day.


Medical options included several invasive procedures with 3 month recovery periods which I not only felt I could not afford to take but also felt I was young enough to look at other solutions rather than the knife.

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My determination was to do what I could physically, emotionally and spiritually to regain my health, my life.  I knew it could be done but I also acknowledged I would fail if I didn’t get help.  Through talking to people in the fitness industry about the health issues, I was eventually directed to a trainer with outstanding knowledge of the human body and rehabilitation techniques coupled with keenly developed  intuition and understanding of how best to train for the desired results.   I found my answers in Pascal.   


Pascal commenced with a worn down, weak and exhausted woman in every way.  It was hard to discuss my issues but he listened and understood. It was tough to begin but I felt his support.  As we progressed Pascal continued with not only training but contextualising information that aided my understanding and progress.  We talked about goals, good habits, assertiveness, good and evil and the universe.


I have been working with Pascal for nearly three years and we have covered a lot, our partnership has become a cross over between personal trainer and life coach. This mirrors Pascals’ holistic approach to health and life. Nothing is ever done in isolation.


Benefits follow in the same way;


As physical strength grew my body was able to repair or better support itself and respond to daily demands.   Physically activity became not only attractive but a great help in coping with stress and negative emotions. Yes I also toned up and lost unwanted kilos.  Which happens first – is it hand in hand? – The physical strength grew as did my endurance, confidence, my emotional and spiritual resolve;  add to this energy levels, zest and appreciation for life.  What can I say!  


Feeling great, eating great , knowing I have great tools and support,  it’s all so good now – the journey and investment can’t be measured in dollars or hours spent – I just know I will always count the Pascal Package as a gift I will always be truly grateful to have received.