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"I hate u!" "I can't believe u r making me do this shxx!" R the 2 most common things u will hear me say when I am training with Pascal.


I have known Pascal for almost 2.5 years now and have been training with him on and off during this period.  My initial reason to take up personal training was for weight lost. My first trainer, though was nice but didn't do much for me.  I then had a period trying to do it on my own which didn't prove to be too successful either.  Still didn't lose any weight so met Pascal at the gym on day and decided to give PT another try.


He introduced me to kettlebells which I love and hate.  Love it because for the first time I have definition on my arms but hated it because of the hard work.  Then we started boxing, which I love as I get to punch and kick the shxx out of the gear, my goal is to one day kick Pascal in the head :p  


His training is never boring and he keeps u engaged during the sessions. Aside from the normal thing u get such as getting healthy etc. u do get a personal experience and service when training with Pascal.  So if u r really for some hard work and fun, I highly recommend Pascal.


Kuan Shieh