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Store Manager

I’ve lost over 12kg of weight within 10 weeks and it was only achieved thanks to Pascal.Having spent most of my 20’s being overweight and unhappy, yo-yo dieting with excessive spouts of exercise convinced me that I’d never ever reach, let alone maintain MY ‘skinny’ goal.


All of the routines Pascal had planned for me were fun and challenging not only physically but also mentally. I had to keep reminding myself that I could do it and Pascal was a great support throughout! My confidence is ten times, no, a hundred times better having trained with him. He truly, truly is the best!!


My journey still continues as no amount of diet and exercise will cure my relationship with wine and chocolate but Pascal has taught me to be consistent with exercise and food. This is a long-term lifestyle change and Pascal kick started it for me!

It’s a great feeling achieving the end result, my goal was always Pascal’s goal and at times it wasn’t easy. There were moments of disappointment as the scales showed little loss but with Pascal backing me 100% I stayed positive and focused when I knew I could’ve easily given up! But the reward was to come and nothing can beat that feeling!


I’m one very happy girl!!


Keep up the good work Pascal!!!




P.S. Pascal’s Kettlebell Style RULES!!!!



Update: Gemma is currently 14kg below her start weight and is super fit, Go Gems!