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I have been very skinny before like 49 kilos, I have been fat like 57 kilos, now that doesn't sound that bad, but I'm only 156 cm tall (very petite).


I came to Australia with 54 kilos, not that bad, but by December 2009 I was 62 kilos. I didn't realise that I was overweight until I saw a picture with my sister (she is 48 kilos) and was it a sad moment for me, I was looking so bad, no sexy, no attractive at all.


Years ago I lost weight with a lot of methods like shakes, pills, strict diets, but always I gain the weight again.  So this time I decide to start going to the gym, something that I have never done in my life.  And also I decide to have a personal trainer, you know like the movie stars, they always look good, I believe it was the exercise and the personal trainer of course.


And then I met Pascal. I was 62 kilos when I met him.  I was not sure that I will lose weight but I want to try.  After two weeks I lost 3 kilos. Then after a month, 6 kilos... we trained for 2 months and a half and by that time I was 51 kilos, I was more than happy, and everyone notice, I feel sexy and beautiful again. It was a miracle!

Cutomer Service

Pascal is a genius, he is super funny, friendly and makes you laugh the whole hour that he is with you and at the same time he makes you lose weight!


I went to France and when I come back he was not anymore at my gym. I try to train with many other trainers but nothing, no results until I "found him on the streets" and I start to train again, I was 56 kilos now after one week I'm 55 again, but never again 62 kilos since I train with him.


I trust in him 100% and besides he is my friend now, a good friend.