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Metal Worker

My name is Daniel Sindoni and for the past 5 years I have suffered with pain in both shoulders of mine.


It has effected my work, sleep and also at gym, where I had to let go of various muscle exercises that might ruin my shoulders even more.

There were other things also like being careful how I put things or take things from cupboards that are high, where I would need to stretch and put something away which will cause my shoulders to go into a lock position where I would need to pull my arm away and grab a stool or chair. 

I had also problems how I would position my arm when I sleep if I would sleep too long in a position that was not quite right, then the next morning I would feel hopeless to use that arm at work or gym. 

Lifting my kids in a straight position caused me pain and more if I went past a degree that I shouldn't of. I found myself useless in many things, but I put up with it as much as I could and never gave up what I wanted to do and learned to bare with it thinking there was no hope and how I must live with it, I was sure no one could fix it until I met a man called Pascal.

Pascal was a person I met through a new gym I joined called snapfitness, he was helping the desk manager and basically gave me a guided tour of the gym before joining. 

I had no idea about him and I told me about my shoulders and how I can never workout at the gym to the best of my capability. He looked at me intensely with such belief in his eyes and with great confidence said "I can fix your shoulders or I won't take any money from you". I had 3 or 4 sessions with him and can now do everything that I couldn't do and even more!!! I didn't realise that have this pain in my shoulders caused me to not even be able to stretch my arms over my head or rotate my arm even 45 degrees towards my head, now it goes past my head! 

Pascal has changed my life!!! I am glad to have met him and glad that I met someone who can have confidence in what he does and does it like magic. He will even find pain and problems where you though you had no pain and when he finds these places you'll then find that the pain you thought you had is not there any more. 

Experience freedom from pain as I experienced. It will give you more motivation to continue all your desires you had and feel like new again.

Thank you Pascal