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Alfie Young, 23

Pascal was recommended to me by a friend, I saw him for the first session and although he seemed very positive on the results I would see but I had serious doubts. Mainly from past experiences with lots of other personal trainers I had seen and paid. I wanted results and was really unhappy and requested the most aggressive approach Pascal would allow and as doubtful as I was, I promised him I'd give it my all. 

These doubts were totally smashed as soon as I started. Just days into it I noticed changes. 12 days into it I was 4KG down, and at the end of my first stage (3 weeks) I had reached my target losing my fat and almost 8KG down. 

I am more than happy with my results and am confident in taking my shirt off down the beach! I'm feeling very clean, healthy and my energy levels are great and this is just the first stage. 

I can't wait to start stage 2, I am going to get even leaner and build more muscle. I will continue my training and Pascal's program as I am returning back to England soon. 

I highly recommend Pascal, there is no doubt in my mind that his method is the best. 

Thanks Pascal, you've changed my life!!!